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CYT Cuff Bracelet

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This listing is for one of several Christian Youth Theater, Santa Cruz bracelets available.  A portion of the sales of these items will be donated back to CYT as a fundraising partnership.  We love the arts... Break a leg! 

Cuff Bracelet #1:  Available in pure aluminum, stainless steel, brass (gold), copper (rose gold), or sterling silver

Note:  These cuffs are 1/4" wide and 6" long.  They should fit most women and some men.  They can be adjusted to fit the shape of the wearer's wrist.  Aluminum and stainless steel require little care other than cleaning when dirty.  Brass, copper, and sterling silver will eventually oxidize and darken if not cleaned/polished.  Some people's personal pH may also cause these metals to oxidize more quickly and make them stain their skin.  

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