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How long will it take to get my order?

  • We are currently shipping items 1-3 business days from the time of order.  If you need something sooner, it can be ordered with RUSH processing to cut that to TWO business days before it is shipped (please see below for more information.)  All orders will have a tracking number which will be emailed to you upon shipment so you can follow the progress of your order to your home or recipient.  

What are your font choices for custom orders?

Can you accommodate any special alphabets or symbols?

  • We can stamp items with characters from the Elder Futhark Rune and have an variety of design stamps that can be added to most items.  They can be found on our Font Choices page.  

Is your site secure?

  • Yes. We never even see your credit card number.  Our payment processor just tells us that you've paid and we ship you your stuff. We get paid through them later.

Are these items really handmade?

  • Yes.  While some of the blank pieces of metal, crystals and findings are purchased from other sources, we try to source those from other small businesses.   When possible, we cut the pieces ourselves from large pieces of sheet metal.  We then add the text and designs ONE LETTER AT A TIME, sand, file and otherwise add finish to the piece, cut the holes and put it all together into one memorable and unique gift.  

What is the difference between standard and RUSH processing?

  • STANDARD PROCESSING: All items are shipped via USPS First-Class Mail, unless the shipping upgrade is purchased to upgrade the package to Priority or Priority Express Shipping. The item will generally be shipped within the number of days listed above ("How long will it take to get my order?") depending on volume of orders.   Saturday and Sunday, as well as holidays, are not included as a "BUSINESS" day.  Around gift-giving holidays (Mother's Day. Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas to name a few), the time needed to create your order may be extended to as long as a 7-10 days. Please check the time frame listed at the top of this page if your item is time sensitive. Packages shipped domestically via First-Class mail arrive, on the average, within 3-5 days (excluding Sunday and postal holidays) and take longer (from about 10 days to 30 days, depending on the destination) if shipped internationally. Please be sure that you allow enough time for production and shipping when placing your order.  

  • RUSH PROCESSING: I offer an option to have your order processing expedited.  RUSH orders will be shipped within 2 BUSINESS days. Orders placed after 2PM CST will be considered to have been ordered the next business day. For example, a domestic (within the US) order placed with the RUSH upgrade purchased Monday at noon will ship no later than Wednesday and should arrive 3-5 days after shipment, if shipped via First Class. An order placed at 8PM Monday will be shipped Thursday morning at the latest. If you order an item and are within the United States, you can expect your item to be delivered in 10 BUSINESS DAYS, or less (in most cases, EXCLUDING before holidays and November and December, when we will specify in the FAQ how long creation time will be).  If you choose RUSH - you can then shave this time to generally about 7 BUSINESS days or less and if you add Priority Shipping, about 5 business days.  
  • As I cannot control the postal service, the above time frames for order arrival are simply an estimate and no guarantee should be implied as far as transit time. 
  • Please be cognizant of timing when placing your order and remember that since each item is created especially for you, time is needed for its creation. Saturdays and Sundays do not count as working days, nor do US holidays. Please be aware of non-mail days when calculating the time you need to have an order in-hand. 


What are your shipping options?

  • We currently offer several options through the USPS.  All time frame estimates given are after shipment and do not include the time needed to custom create your order. 

    For US destinations:  

    • USPS First Class Mail:  Your order will be shipped in a small box (or possibly a padded bubble mailer if we have a break in packing supply).  Typical transit is 3-7 days, but that time frame is not guaranteed.  Not insured. 

    • USPS Priority Mail:   Your order will be shipped in a small flat rate envelope (which should fit in most mailboxes, even multi unit) or flat rate box if a gift box or multiple items is ordered. Typical transit is 1-3 days.  The expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee. Consult this link for approximate times (origin zip code is 46321):  Package is insured for up to $50 against damage or loss. 

    • USPS Priority Express:   Your order will be shipped in flat-rate envelope. Typical transit is 1-2 days.  The expected delivery date has a money-back guarantee (for shipping costs paid only). Package is insured for up to $100 against damage or loss. 

  • For International (Non-US) destinations:  

    • USPS First Class International Mail:  Your order will be shipped in a small box via USPS International First Class.  Typical transit is 10-30 days, but that time frame is not guaranteed. Canada, the UK, Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Denmark) typically have been at the lower end of that time range (typically about 10-14 days), while some orders going to other countries have taken as long as a month to arrive.  Due to a series of issues with packages taking an extensively long time to arrive, we have unfortunately stopped shipping to some countries.  If your county is not listed and you would still like to order at your own risk, please send us an email.  Most packages do not have tracking once leaving the United States.  A list of countries that continue scanning once arrival in that country can be found here: under "252.22 Availablity"

    • USPS Priority Mail International:   Your order will be shipped in a flat rate envelope or box. Typical transit is 6-10 days.  The expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee. Package is not insured. 

Do you take larger orders, for instance for weddings or events?

  • Yes.  If you are interested in a group of items for a wedding or event, please send me a message through our contact tab and we can discuss your options. I do offer a discount on orders of 5 or more of the same item on sliding scale depending on quantity.    

Do you take custom orders?

  • Yes.  If you're interested in something that you don't see in our shop, let's talk.  Send me a message through our contact tab or at and we can discuss your options.  

Do you support "green" and "shop small" initiatives?

  • Whenever possible, we source our supplies from other small businesses and recycle / reuse packaging materials to help reduce our environmental impact.  All of our standard packaging is recyclable (other than the pouch, which is reusable and bio-degradable).  We recycle all waste/scrap metal.  We offer offer the option to have your item sent with minimal packaging if it's unneeded.  

Why should I buy from you instead of other shops that may be cheaper?

  • Because, I'm awesome, of course... Just kidding!  When you see items that are similar, but the price is much lower, remember that you frequently get what you pay for...  

    Always check where the shop is located, the reputation of the shop and their materials/alloys closely. Some shops in other countries do not have the same standards of material as mine does.  I take care to make sure that my materials are lead-free and of the same quality that I would use myself.   Because I strive to offer long-lasting, quality products, my materials may not be as inexpensive as other shops.  Additionally, as I create all of these items in my home using toxic materials/alloys would be detrimental to not only my health, but that of those I love.  Products that are cheaply sold COULD be toxic or mis-represented.  

    Some shops do not stand behind the quality of their merchandise, and when the poor reviews start coming in they simply close that shop and open another.  We have been in business since 2009 and have a very good reputation on Etsy, where we began.  We've opened this site in order to try to stretch our legs and find new horizons. 

    Lastly, some shops make the representation that their items are "silver", when they are simply SILVER COLORED.  The alloy they are using could actually be cheaply plated metals or nickel silver (which I NEVER use, because I'm allergic to nickel.)  Beware of shops that do not state the material being used is STERLING or FINE silver or specify the alloy being used.  "German Silver" "Thai Silver", "Tibetan Silver" and others are NOT silver and can actually contain toxic materials and/or cause a very bad skin reaction in some people.