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Font Choices


Brush is a brush script font.  It is available in upper and lower case & has a matching number set and "&".
Brush font example


The below is Brush font paired with our "Rae All Day" (SHINE) font for emphasis on our medium keychain (1/2 x 2"):
Keychain Brush Font
Other examples of "Brush" Font on items can be found below. 
Brush Font 1/2" cuffBrush Font 1/4" CuffBrush Font Guitar PickBrush Font Bottle Opener - Aluminum
Brush Font Bottle Opener Stainless SteelBrush Font Broken Heart Keychain Set


FishSticks is a quirky font with unifont tendencies. It is available in upper and lower case.   It has a matching number set. 

Fishsticks Font

Some examples of FishSticks in use are below.

FishSticks 1/4" CuffFishSticks 1/2" CuffFishSticks Guitar PickFishSticks Broken Heart KeychainsFishSticks Aluminum Bottle OpenerFishSticks Stainless Steel Bottle OpenerFishSticks Keychain

Passing Notes

Passing notes is a cute and quirky font consisting of tall and thin capital letters and script lowercase letters.  

Passing Notes Font

Below is an example of uppercase Passing Notes used on a wallet card.

And mixed case used on a 1/4" wide cuff

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a script font that knits seamlessly together.  It is available in upper and lower case.   It has a matching number set and an assortment of matching punctuation. 

Secret Garden Font

The below is an example of Secret Garden on our 1/4" cuff. 


Print is a clean, handwritten-style font that is space-friendly.  It is versatile, available in 3 sizes to fit most items and available in upper and lower case.   It has a matching number set and an assortment of matching punctuation.

Print Font

Below is an example of the larger Print used on our keychains: 


Sugar is available in upper and lower case.  It has a matching number set.

Sugar Font



Hero is a quirky hand-printed font that is only available in uppercase.  It has a matching number set and basic punctuation.  

Hero Font


Below is an example of Hero used on a dog tag: 

Rae All Day

        Rae All Day is a quirky, tall all uppercase font.  


Typewriter is a clean, masculine font that works well on most items.  It's similar to typewritten letters, is available in upper and lowercase and has a matching number set and ampersand.  We also have this font in a smaller size

Below is an example of typewriter used on our military style dog tags:


This is a very utilitarian and plain font.  It is available in upper and lower case and numbers are available.  NOTE:  This die set and seldom comes out "straight".  It's always a little crooked and quirky. 

Below is an example of Block used on our bottle opener:


Canterbury reminds me of an old book.  I love the nostalgic feel of the letters.  Canterbury does have an Upper and Lower set, as well as matching numbers.  We have the uppercase in an extra-large format as well. 



Celtic is a Celtic type unifont, meaning it only has a single case rather than uppers and lowers.  It does not have a number set. 


Farmhouse is kind of sweet and quirky.  Currently, we are only able to stamp this as a unicase, which means the below shown are the only cases we can stamp in.  We do not have matching numbers for this font. 



Graceful is a gorgeous script font.  It is available ONLY in lowercase and has no number set available. 


Limonade is a script outline font that is a little on the larger side, but still can be accomodated on a 1/4" cuff.  It is available in upper and lower case, but does not have numbers. 


Mocha is a super cute handwritten style font with a little bit of quirk.  It's one of my favorites due to its character and versatility.  It has uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.  


Starlight is super cute and quirky.  We have this in upper, lowercase, and with a matching numbers set.  We also have this in an extra-small size for smaller items.  


Wander is a very clean, hand-printed style font.  It is on the larger side so not available as an option on all items.  It has uppercase, lowercase and a matching number set. 


Poppy is a beautiful, small cursive/brush style font.  We have this in a large and a small size.  The large is larger than the others and the small is about 2/3 to 1/2 the size of the fonts above, so it is not available on all items. It is available in upper and lower case and there is a matching number set available. 


 Larger/Special Fonts


A typewritten font that is identical to Typewriter above, but almost double the height.  It is larger than most other fonts.  It will not work on most small items due to it's size.  The uppercase is larger than the lowercase, which can make most mixed-case words awkward and is nearly 6mm.  

 Elder Futhark Rune 

This is the ancient alphabet of early Viking and Scandinavian people.  These are about 5-6mm high and therefore take more space.