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Free standard shipping on domestic (US ONLY) orders over $35 with coupon code FREEOVER35. For INTERNATIONAL orders over $35, please use coupon code SD35 TO receive $4 off your order.

NOTE:  Standard US shipping costs begin at $3.75 for the first item and a minimal amount for each additional item.  Expedited shipping is available.  We choose not to offer flat "free" shipping for all items as that cost would have to be absorbed into the price of each item and would be unfair to customers ordering multiple items.  We feel that $35 is a fair threshold for us to absorb the cost of shipping without penalizing our customers in the long run!  (Generally, "free" shipping isn't really free.)   International shipping varies by location, but is generally $10-14, (which we also think is bogus, but we don't set the prices for the USPS).

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