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"Life is tough & so are you" Keychain

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Carry this hand-stamped keychain as a reminder that life may be tough, but you are tougher.

When life gets tough, you need a reminder that you're even tougher. That's where our "Life is tough & so are YOU" keychain comes in! Each keychain is hand-stamped with care to ensure it will withstand whatever challenges come your way. Made with high-quality materials, this keychain serves as a constant reminder of your strength and resilience. Keep it on your keys or attach it to your bag for an extra boost of confidence throughout the day. Life may be tough, but you'll always be tougher – and this keychain proves it!

  • This hand stamped keychain serves as a daily reminder that you are tough enough to handle anything life throws at you
  • Show off your resilience with this stylish and meaningful "Life is tough & so are you" keychain
  • A perfect gift for someone who needs encouragement during challenging times, or a little reminder of their own strength
  • Carry this durable and inspiring keychain with you everywhere, reminding yourself that no challenge is too great when faced with determination and grit



  • • The keychains (excluding hardware) are 1/2" wide by 2" long

  • • The keychains are created from your choice of durable, rustproof aluminum or stainless steel.

  • • The hardware is stainless steel.

    • • A personal message can be added to the back of the keychain (Max. 30 Letters and spaces) by choosing that option at the time of order. It will add the back personalization fee to your cart. Deleting this charge will result in your personalization being ignored.

    • • Please be sure to read the description and follow any text limits regarding your customization requests. Failure to adhere to these limits so may delay your order. If the text you would like to request will not fit within these limits, please contact us to discuss your options.

    • • Hand stamping is a much more durable and permanent method of creation than engraving or printing (sublimating) text onto metal. The design will not wear off like paint or ink and is much more deeply set into the metal than most engraving.

    • • EACH design and letter is individually hammered, one strike at a time, BY HAND. Because of this, there will be some variations in the spacing, depth of the designs, and placement. This is not to be considered a defect, but instead a part of the unique character of the piece. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

    • • Your gift will be shipped ready to give, tastefully carded, and tucked into a clear protective poly-sleeve. A gift box can be added if desired by choosing that option.

    • • All items are shipped via USPS First-Class Mail unless a shipping upgrade is chosen to add faster options. During high volume periods (around major gift-giving holidays), we ALWAYS recommend that you choose one of our expedited shipping options (typically a few dollars more). These options will help ensure your gift meets its deadline and include insurance.

    • • "GREEN" THINKING: The sustainability of our planet is important to us and we try to help reduce our environmental impact whenever possible. Our standard packaging is completely recyclable, from the cardboard box and non-toxic, recycled content paper fill to the card and BOPP sleeve. We process all orders using electronic means (tablets) and do not include a receipt in the package to avoid unnecessary paper waste. We use natural and LED lighting in our studio. Our precious metals are refined at a location that is environmentally and energy responsible. We recycle all acceptable waste/scrap metal to help reduce our landfill footprint.

    • • We source many of our supplies and materials from other small domestic businesses, so purchasing from us helps other small businesses as well.

    • • Please be aware that the photos shown are simply a representation of previous items I have created and may not be exactly what you receive, as each item is uniquely created just for you at the time you order.

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